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Why Clients Are Turning to Small Agencies Over Big Ones

This is a highly debated topic within the creative industry that we get asked about many times over and have decided to dedicate this blog post to it. It’s important to highlight the pros and cons of each, whether you decide to choose a small or large agency when it comes to outsourcing your brand work.

Creative Agencies Can Be Expensive

The more people that work for larger agencies, the larger the overhead. If budget is a concern then smaller firms provide exceptional, individualised work for a more tailored price. Smaller firms also remove the mass levels of hierarchy within the teams allowing for more attractive budgeted proposals.


Quality comes with commitment and attention to fine detail. If you are a medium sized brand and choose to team with an acclaimed creative agency then you will not be the equivalent of the big fish in their sea so might not receive the acclaimed creatives for your brand work. Small agencies know that the work they do will have big impact on the success of their business and therefore will provide a high quality of work.

Flexibility and Creativity

Small agencies thrive on creativity. Client based goals become the focal point in small agencies for individual staff. The end result means that the final product does not face the constraint of specification and creatives have more of a free reign to align with your brand model.


A small agency will dedicate just as much time into your brand as you will. Having a small agency will allow you to become like a family and have relationships with your coworkers. You are no longer just another number within a firm but a valued client for this agency to learn and grow from. The relationship is also more transparent and honest which would be more beneficial long term.

Of course, your decision would boil down to what you want out of the agency but here’s a friendly reminder that good things come in small packages

We have built countless of meaningful and long term professional relationships with marketing managers and businesses over the years and continue to help many more.

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