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Why you should work with a WIX design expert

One of the web design platforms we work with at Magnetic is WIX. WIX is a DIY web design tool, and so it's actually designed with the intention of letting amateurs easily create a website with its simple 'drag and drop' approach. For that reason, some may question why they need a design expert to create their WIX website for them.

The answer is simple. If you want a truly professional looking website design, you need a professional WIX designer. Think of it like Photoshop. Photoshop is a design tool available to everyone, but it's only really professional designers who can really do the magic with it.

Magnetic's team of web designers are all WIX experts. They have the power to use WIX tools to their full advantage to convert your website design vision into a fully functioning site.

Most importantly, we don’t just use the already available WIX templates. Our design process starts with a pen and paper, then once we’ve come up with a design solution, we use the available tools in WIX to recreate our designs on this platform.

Our website designers have tonnes of hands-on experience at creating bespoke websites by combining their design skills with the hundreds of WIX tools available. We not only save you the time and hassle, but we provide you with a remarkably professional end result that is almost impossible to replicate if you are not a web design expert yourself.


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