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Branding Questions You'll *Want* to Answer

When branding your business, certain questions should be at the back of your mind to create an aligned and successful brand. These questions are guides for excellence in branding and are better considered at the initial stage of branding.

What is Your Unique Selling Point?

What is your business offering that others in your niche aren't offering? If you can successfully answer this question, you need to figure out how to communicate this using your brand identity.

Your brand uniqueness must be present in your logo, name, message, customer care, operational approach, etc.

Who is Your Ideal Client?

You need to develop a client avatar, which correctly profiles your ideal buyer. This is one of the fundamental and first steps in creating a brand. Your client avatar directs your business in almost all areas since they are the ones you are in business for.

When determining your ideal client avatar, you also need to put some questions in mind: are they interested in cost or quality? Are they interested in more convenience or long-term relationship with their favorite brand?

What Issue Does Your Brand Solve?

Your customers are out there looking for you because they have an issue or query they need to resolve. That is why people pay for a product or service – to satisfy their needs. If you're in business, it has to be to solve an issue, which why it needs to be clearly defined so it can be integrated into your brand identity.

The point where your brand meets your customers’ pain points, that’s where your profit lies.

What’s Your Brand Personality?

Your brand personality is the perception people have of your business. It includes your brand tone and choice of approach. Customers relate to brand based on their personality, and a stronger brand personality is more likely to draw in more customers.

It is essential to understand that your brand personality should be determined by your business's type of target audience. It doesn't have to reflect the personality of the business owner.

What is Your Brand Story?

Your brand story is a vital component of branding in business. It comprises your business history and why it was founded. It also carries the message of the owner and what was the inspiration behind starting the business.

People are mostly interested in a brand story to form a sense of connection. Customers want to know the business they are buying into.

Does Your Logo Communicate Your Brand Message?

Your business logo design is one of the essential features your customers and prospects use to describe and identify your business. They recognise your logo first, before going in for the content you offer.

Your logo is first in your visual marketing and can make a lasting impression when developed well.

There are numerous other questions to put in mind when branding your business. Still, you need to answer the essential ones (as listed in the article) first, as you can't possibly answer all before creating your brand. Successfully answering these questions puts you steps ahead of your competition.

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