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How to Manage Your Time As a Busy Marketing Manager

We understand that it can sometimes take a whole day at the office while achieving a little fraction of the day's tasks if time and productivity is not managed. However, with time management being an issue that many businesses suffer with, there are also many solutions at hand, which can be the antidote to this problem.

1) Define and Outline Your Priorities

Things that need attention in marketing are endless, and it's normal not to know where to start each day. Even making a To-do list can turn out fruitless at times, as you end up focusing on the tasks you feel more comfortable with.

Making a To-do list is great but ranking each task in order of priority is what gets them done. You need to define each task's level of importance and how long each of them will take to maximise your time. Most times, all the tasks for the day might not be completed, but as long as you’ve handled those that are of more priority, you are safe and can pick up from where you left off the next day.

2) Make a Plan and Stick to It

It's not enough to have a list of your tasks in order of priority, as there are more to a marketing manager's job than organized tasks on a list. We completely get that! It’s important to allow for structure in the day, which can be achieved with an efficient plan to accomplish those tasks.

3. Set Realistic Targets

Do you wonder why even a well prioritised To-do list and a thorough plan isn't cutting it sometimes? Some tasks just aren't realistic, given the specific end goal or the job's time frame. You might end up putting too much energy into a task that takes up all your time without yielding results.

Give your plan realistic goals and expectations. You need to accept that some tasks are likely to consume more time than others, so your plan should take in every chance of constraints and setbacks that could occur.

4. Work in Little Chunks

Now that you have a realistic target, it would be ideal to make your work flow as smoothly as possible, and the best way to achieve this is by breaking down cumbersome tasks into little manageable chunks or in bits.

Divide your tasks in bits of time and be intentional about it. Keep yourself accountable that the time you dedicate to each task must be completed. For instance, accord 20-30 minutes for a task makes it seem easy to handle than in hours.

While a marketing manager's work is versatile and may be challenging to outline, it still requires prioritising and planning, in order to achieve optimal results.

Understanding time management and productivity can surely be a life safe, however, it may still be the case that an overwhelming amount of work cannot be completed on time. We completely understand that and are here to lend the support needed to attend to any pressing work.

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