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Importance of Having a Mobile Site

Owning a website doesn't mean it is mobile-friendly, and if it's not, that can be a major issue for your site visitation rate. The rate at which people depend on their phones these days is quite alarming, and it can be unjust to your marketing campaign not to take advantage of it.

Even though it requires a little bit of extra work, you can't afford failure to provide a mobile site for your business, and we'll show disturbing reasons you why.

Why You Need a Mobile Site?

  • Almost everyone now depends on mobile devices: People go as far as relying on their mobile devices to direct their day to day activities. The first step people take before going for your products or services is to use search engines to digest enough information about your brand and your competitors. You don't want to be in the dark while your competitors get all the attention, do you?

  • Google favours mobile-friendly websites: Google understands that more people use their mobile devices when making a query than their desktops. Google algorithm was tweaked in 2015 to prioritise sites that are optimised for mobile devices.

  • It gives you credibility: When your clients and customers can not only access your website on their desktop, but also on their mobile devices, it creates a sense of credibility for your brand. When people can enjoy their experience on your website with a mobile device, they are more inclined to return.

  • It has transformed into a standard practice: With more and more businesses (competition) coming online each day, their website is optimized for mobile devices. This means your customers have become used to responsive web designs on their mobile and would be not waste any second to bounce off if they find it hard to navigate your website.

  • You’ll get more customers: When potential customers or existing customers access your website for information, they want to get what they want as fast as possible. If you can provide them with a smooth experience, you'll have them returning after recommending your site to others.

  • You get to your customers faster: Optimising your website for mobile devices means opening the possibility of reaching your customers faster since they are already on their phones and tablets. They don’t have to get to their PC to get to you; you're already in their handbags and pockets.

  • Your brand will be perceived as relevant and modern: Even if your website is rich with high-quality content and exceptional offers on the market, what's the use if the majority of your customers and prospects can't get to you on their phones and tablets? As much as consumers care about getting the exact and correct information they want online, they can also be easily dissuaded by the sort of experience they get on your site and move elsewhere.

Final Thoughts

You should consider providing a website well optimised for both mobile and desktop devices before filling it with content; you don't want to put so much effort and resources into something only you can use.

Book your complimentary discovery call now and let’s discuss how we can help you create an optimised and high converting website for your business.



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