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Why Do You Need A Brand Guidelines Booklet?

Brand Guidelines. The holy grail of a brand. However, many overlook this crucial document that will dictate the way you’d like people to ‘handle’ your brand, internally or externally. Relating to brand consistency and its importance, brand guidelines help keep the brand consistent across different platforms and marketing collaterals. Sometimes referred to as a style guide, they are an essential part of an effective marketing strategy.

For example, brand guidelines might suggest how to use the following things:

  • Design layouts and grids

  • Logo usage & variations (square, rectangle, circular, iconic)

  • Correct and incorrect usage of logo

  • Colour palette

  • Typography Selection

  • Stationery

  • Social media profile page applications

  • Examples of promo materials with logos applied

  • Brochure/flyer layout options

  • Website layout

  • Signage specifications

  • Advertising treatments

  • Merchandising applications

  • Copywriting style (a.k.a. “tone of voice”)

  • Editorial guidelines

  • Approved images

They’re Useful for Employees

As the base, they are used by designers as a guide to your brand fonts, colours, the way your logo is used and different versions of your logo, but it’s also so much more than that. It is also very important for all employees and team members who are representing your company to know about and understand how the brand should be portrayed. No matter the department, there’s always a need for brand guidelines as knowledge when talking on behalf of the brand. In short, Brand guidelines mean that your employees will always be using your branding in the correct way.

They Are a Crucial Aspect of Maintaining an Image of Professionalism

It’s important for a brand to establish their tone of voice, brand colours, brand font and so on and consistently use it across all communication platforms. Having consistency across all branding aspects will create an image of professionalism and authority. Branding inconsistency not only looks dodgy and untrustworthy but also doesn’t look good. You don’t want your ideal audience to be confused by your presence. You want to come off as professional, in the know and an authority in your field.

Your Brand Will Become Recognisable

Brand consistency is key to creating a strong brand identity and brand guidelines are the rules to stick to when building a recognisable business. The importance of brand consistency is countless and one of the reasons brand guidelines are a crucial aspect to this alignment is the opportunity to communicate your purpose, your brand’s personality and your vision, mission and values. A consistent tone of voice, and a consistent brand identity, helps keep a business on-message.

In short, a style guide is essential to keeping your brand identity consistent and recognisable and is an important aspect of your business to perfect as you grow.

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