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People and Skills That You Find Within an Agency

A full-service agency we have a talented range of individuals who cover all your marketing, communication, design and content needs. A question we often get is who will be working on my project so we decided to write an article to shed light on some of the people you’d find at a creative agency and how they can help you with your business needs.

The Different Types of People Skill in an Agency

  1. Graphic Designer: Graphic designers take care of all the visual aspects of your logo branded assets and marketing literature. They help your marketing strategy align with the message and core values of the brand.

  2. Motion Designer: Motion designers create visual content, support the design of animated videos, as well as touch on all aspects of content production.

  3. Video Producer: Video producers are proving increasingly in demand and cover video production including pre-recorded videos, end to end live production, animation post production and editing.

  4. Content Marketing: Content marketing manager takes care of the outbound content that your brand will be sharing to reach your ideal audience.

  5. Social Media Marketer: Today, you can be certain that almost all your ideal customers are on one or more social media platforms and that’s why we offer social media managers to help you with lead generation, reaching a broader audience in your marketing campaign, and communicating directly with your target audience.

  6. Digital Marketer: A digital marketer develops strong and innovative digital marketing strategies, using specific techniques to drive traffic to company pages and generate interest in company products and services.

  7. Copywriter: A copywriter specialises in preparing all the written content (for the website, a catalogue, magazine ad, or a campaign slogan etc). They establish the tone of voice, and make sure it's consistent.

  8. Web Designer/Developer: As an agency we offer skilled web designers to provide you with digital marketing services. Web designers will help you design and develop your business website from concept to completion.

  9. Project Manager: A project manager makes sure all included parties are in sync, and that the project runs on schedule and on budget.

  10. Account Manager: An account manager is responsible for managing the relationship with the client. They are the first point of contact for all client enquiries. They also understand the nature of the business of their clients and constantly bring new ideas and solutions to the table.

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