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Steer Clear From the Marketing Manager Burnout - 6 Simple Steps to Take Right Away

Burnout doesn’t usually come with a warning sign or a manual on how to navigate through it. One day you’d be high functioning and ready to take on each project as it comes and then the next your energy is depleted and your creativity feels like it’s drying up.

We’ve seen it happen to many around us countless times but it doesn’t always have to be as such. Running a lot of tasks, a team, goals, KPI’s and a never-ending list for ‘last minute’ requests, can be daunting. You’ve come this far though so don’t let burnout rear its ugly head and win the best of you.

Here are 6 tried and tested simple steps to take right away to steer away from manager burnout:

1) Create a Plan

Of course, flexibility on some near deadlines is sometimes necessary but creating a plan in advance and allowing for that ‘crunch time’, means that when the time comes you’ll be prepared to delegate the needed workload and manage it.

2) Disconnect After a Specific Time

We all take our work home from time to time. It’s difficult not to sometimes, right? We get that. But not having a healthy boundary between work and home can be one of the main factors that leads to burnout and even before reaching that stage creates very unhealthy habits.

3) Use the Pomodoro Technique to Ensure That You Take Breaks

Picture this, you’re working on an upcoming deadline and one hour turns to three hours on your desk without moving. Not taking a break once. Red flags for burnout! Using the Pomodoro Technique will help you schedule spans of time for work and for a break. This productivity method is based on the idea of taking regular breaks and one larger break each day to keep you more productive. Contrary to the panic of an upcoming deadline telling you otherwise, taking regular breaks can optimise quality or work and productivity. Try working in 60-minute intervals, then resting for 15 minutes between each interval, while listening to music optimised to boost concentration and focus.

4. Create a ‘Positive Vibes’ Folder on Your Phone or Computer

We love this little hack. Creating a folder where you drop in any positive interaction at work, good feedback, accomplishments, thank you’s and so on can be a great reminder in times of doubt or imposter syndrome. When we are stressed our minds naturally travel down a negative path and choosing to open your ‘positive vibes’ folder during these times can boost your mood and remind you how great your work really is. Just take it easy.

5. Move Your Body Even If You Don’t Feel Like It

Mental burnout can translate to physical fatigue, which can amplify the feeling of being drained. Moving your body of course releases good hormones that sends a positive loop to your brain. Incorporating body movement can help sharpen your thoughts, increase your energy and keep burnout at bay!

6. Outsource to a Trusted Agency

Having steps to follow when you feel like excessive stress is leading to burnout can be crucial for keeping it at bay. We understand how overwhelming juggling too many tasks can be and sometimes delegating to your team is still not enough. This is where we come in to help you avoid burnout too. Without the micro-management of having an in-house team and with the benefit of having packages with different budgets to choose from, working with a creative agency can keep you ahead of the game, on top of deadlines, in the know of trends and help you create content that is both strategic and designed well for maximum results.

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