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The Importance of Having Set Brand Colours for Your Business

Colour is essential in a marketing strategy and if overlooked, can present wrong signals to customers. Studies show that people typically make up their minds within the space of 90 seconds of their first encounter with either products or logo. What's more? Over 60% of their conclusion is based on only colours!

Why should you consider colors in branding?

As ubiquitous as colors are, they have messages they implant in our minds without our permission. It is more psychological and physical and has been taken advantage of for decades now by tons of brands you know. Here’s why branding colors is crucial:

Colours Define Emotional State and Drive Moods

Colours have various effects on us, but each colour influences people's frame of mind. You will want customers and prospects to be in a very receptive mood to engage with your brand. Your branding colour is your company’s expression, and it develops a mental association with the value of your brand within your niche or industry.

Visual Identity and Colours

Color is fundamental to your brand's visual identity in all executions and expressions. This includes packaging, logos, products, environments, and other forms of marketing relations. For instance, Apple changed how we perceive desktop computers.

Choosing the Right Brand Color Space

To communicate a holistic brand message, it’s important to choose a colour that best fits your strategic marketing or positioning. Choosing a brand colour should reflect your target audience's emotional desires and associations, and the promise or value proposition your brand offers those desires.

Choosing the correct colour to differentiate and represent your brand has to be based on numerous criteria, a couple of them being:

Your Target Audience

Who are your ideal customers? What matters to them, what mood must they be in to engage with your products or brand? It’s important to align with your ideal audience, in order to speak their language and use colours that convey value to them and differentiate your brand from the competition in your industry.

Your Brand Archetype

If you've chosen the correct brand archetype, you also need to determine the colour that best fits your archetype's attributes. For instance, if Explorer is your brand archetype, you will have to consider colours that reflect the outdoors or anything associated with that archetype’s persona.

Final Thoughts

You can have the best marketing strategy and be ready to break back into your industry only to your entire strategy faulted by your branding colour choice. What's worse is that you might not know that your brand colour is the problem until it's too late.

It’s important to create a holistic brand strategy prior to launching your brand and conducting the right research for your brand.

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