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How Ideal Customers Can Be Judging You From Your Branding

Your brand is your business identity and is the "face" customers, and prospects see. It represents your business in public, and the first impression of your business comes off from people's experience with your brand. So, how can you tell what customers look at before judging your brand? It's simple – precisely what you tell them.

What Do Customers Consider When Judging Your Brand?

Generally, people make judgments based on their perception, and the perception of people varies individually. However, there are basic and common factors customers are always known to consider when judging a brand. They include:

Brand Promise

What message does your brand pass, and what promises lies behind that message? Customers want to be promised a benefit when investing in your brand. They want to be guaranteed that they'll get exactly what they want and even more, most times. For this reason, you will want to emphasise the satisfaction and value customers get from using your products or services. Your brand promise should have some form of uniqueness.

Brand Uniqueness

Just like your brand promise, your overall branding should be unique. Customers want to know what makes you different from your competitors.

When customers can't sense or find any form of uniqueness (usually subconsciously), they regard your business as mediocre and aren't likely to consider your brand promise. Your uniqueness could be developed in your business logo, motto, colour, mode of operation, marketing strategy/approach, website interface, content, etc.

Brand Story

Your Brand story is simply a narrative that gives your customers an understanding of your brand's origin, journey, vision, and mission. Storytelling lies at the heart of how customers genuinely connect with your brand and business as a whole.

People watch for this factor intentionally. They want to know how the brand or business came about, especially when you’ve successfully gotten their attention. Your brand story could be the converting factor in your ideal customer’s journey– it’s essential to speak their language and engage their interests.

As you continue to grow your brand and business, you'll continue to discover that how customers judge brands evolve with time. However, the punch lines stated in this article are age-long and reliable.

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