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The Ultimate Marketing Manager Guide to Design

Branding is the ultimate way to entice newcomers into your brand story and image and captivate them. Marketers acknowledge the cruciality of high quality graphic design. The aim of marketing is to boost sales or service interaction and engage with large volumes of customers. Graphic design plays a large role within marketing and as images are processed so much more quickly than text, it is the designs that will be noticed first and foremost and what consumers will continuously recognise.

The Importance of Strong Branding

Building a recognisable, respectable brand is every marketing manager’s goal. Many of us will also have local brands we’re loyal to. High quality graphic design is key to this, with a strong brand voice so that love for the branding shines through.

Design can be broken into separate subcategories:

  • Creative talent - professionalism mixed with artistic shine

  • Technicality - software proficiency

  • Aesthetics- colour, balance, typography, shape

Quality design is noticed quickly, passed on and remembered.

Be Audience Focused

We start by researching your target audience. Interviewing clients lets you know their preferences and what they will enjoy in terms of content.

Be Consistent with Brand Identity

The look and feel, tone, voice, visuals, and language of your brand are all agreed upon at the beginning of our creative process and kept consistent throughout all content creation for us and your in-house team. In the also common case of brand guidelines are already being set, as has been with many of our clients, we make the effort of training our team of designers and marketers on the provided guidelines and will ensure all assets are strictly in line with the provided guidelines.

Blend the Online and Offline Experience

‘Consumers have instant access to global marketplaces and ever-higher expectations of service. They no longer distinguish between physical and digital experiences’

There needs to be a consistency of design amongst every touchpoint of branding so that customers feel that your content has been created considering ‘them’ in mind.

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