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Trend Reports

Marketing trends should be amongst your brand’s top priorities as a way to keep updated in an ever-changing world and stay ahead of your competitors. By picking the trends that align with your brand and target audience, you could potentially be capitalising on endless sales and leads. Our agency will also help by assessing the landscape and creating solutions to these ever-changing updates in the market. Even though a fair few of these innovations will be hard at first, ‘with every success, you build a competitive advantage.’ Avinash Kaushik

1) Design Systems

Clear design and branding brings in large scalability and traffic. A design system maintains all the brand visuals in one place, meaning a more organised and strategic approach to business.

2) Align Content with Consumers

Content marketing continues to be an important component of digital marketing. The new algorithm introduced in 2019 advice from Google is that “rather than chase the latest SEO trends, it’s more important to ensure a site has fast speeds, useful links, and well-written content.” Interactive content such as shareable content on social media, quizzes on your websites, surveys and polls and infographics are also key as these immersive experiences draw in more customers to brands.

3) Power of the Influencer

Micro-influencers are getting more popular with long term relationships being built in influencer marketing. Therefore, without a digital strategy provided by an agency your brand could be missing out on one of the biggest ways to expand and grow and missing key contacts.

4) Personalisation

If you want to stand out in 2020, you need to personalise your marketing – and that means personalised content, products, emails and more.

90% of users claim they find personalisation appealing with big companies recommending their audience what to buy, watch or view next. With an agency we can use data driven campaigns to also target your audience and personalise their experience with up to date trends.

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