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Our Services



Whether it is using augmented reality to increase the reach of your printed material or adding an eCommerce offering to your website, we can help you redefine your brand objectives and take you closer to those loftier goals. 

Digital Design


Digital design is at the heart of our offering. From user experience, website design and social posts to infographics and presentation decks, we are well versed in translating your unique narratives to effective online marketing campaigns. 



We believe in commiting to your brand narrative. Magnetic’s approach to marketing incorporates your social, email strategy and content to build a presence that tackles each one of your distinctive business aims. 

Logo Design & Branding


Incorporating your entire brand identity into a logo, set of colours and one style can be an overwhelming ask.


We are here to help you build your original identity or reposition your existing brand in a way that satisfies both your audience and your business needs. 

Augmented Reality


The possibilities with Augmented Reality are limitless. This powerful tool can be used to create business cards that can be scanned to show your contact details, leaflets to display videos, or brochures to reveal 3D floor plans and designs.


Talk to us about how we can enhance your assets in a cost-effective and modern way. 

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