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SEO Tricks You Could Be Missing Out on Your Current Website

SEO has transformed significantly from what we know it as over the years. Google and Bing have tweaked their machine learning processes and algorithm to prioritise the user experience in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

We are long past the days when focusing on keywords only will secure you a top spot in the search results. If your website isn’t at the top, keep reading, and find out what's missing.

SEO tricks to pay attention to and what they entail:

1) Create Compelling, SEO-friendly Content

Today, engaging and compelling content is the most vital aspect of SEO. Regardless of how great your web design is, you must always pay attention to the quality of content you publish on your website. Below are some of the things SEO-service agencies pay attention to:

  • Be specific: Quality content requires offering information, insight, and value to your customers and prospects.

  • Pay attention to SEO from beginning to end: This means building your content around a primary idea (keyword). Stuffing your web content with keywords after you're done writing is not best practice as it makes the content structure faulty and less engaging.

  • Answer your customers’ questions: You should consider your content as an interaction between two people, the same way we’ve conversing from the beginning of this article. Search engines brought you here, and it’s the same thing for your customers.

2) Create a Comprehensive Sitemap

Search engine bots or web crawlers crawl the internet to index relevant content to a query. So, to get your website in their index and moved higher up the SERPs, you must provide excellent content with a sitemap. Several people fail to provide a sitemap because they aren't aware that sites with sitemaps get crawled a lot faster than the ones without. What is a sitemap?

A sitemap is fundamentally an outline of all the pages accessible to crawlers and users on your site. It’s a feature your web developer could easily add on your site, which is very beneficial.

It's best that you create a comprehensive sitemap before airing your website, even though you can always add it whenever you want. You should build one before you publish your website because it helps you identify and remove unnecessary pages and gives your web marketers and web designers a well-defined outline to follow.

3) Write Captivating Headlines

It is common to discover great content in pages far below the first page on the SERPs. This is mostly because they fail to use captivating headlines. Your audiences aren't mind-readers; you have to show them what you have before they click your URL, precisely the headlines' purpose.

Even though it's essential to pay attention to search engine algorithms and what they want, you have to remember your end goal is to have humans read your content, get value, come back and patronize you. Your headline is a compelling window all search engine users use to take a peek into websites.

SEO is a much-debated matter and always evolving. Still, if you pay enough attention to the tricks mentioned in the article, you will begin to record changes in your website visibility, visits, and engagements.

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