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The Societal Impact of Hiring a Small Agency

“Hiring a small agency means you're going to get the time and attention of the firm's leadership and best strategic thinkers – this means more entrepreneurial and creative thinking as well as agility. You're also selecting to work with a team where every client counts, so there will be genuine interest in your success.”

- Forbes

In the world of creatives, bigger is not always better. It’s tempting to go for a larger agency, especially if you are a big business. However, there are many unspoken advantages to taking leap and trusting a smaller firm.

Provides Employment Growth

Employees at a small agency can make a bigger impact on the business, compared to a big agency. People won’t—and can’t—be anonymous at a small company. The employers at a small agency will be ambitious and motivated to get the best job done. Due to large firms being overrun with an extremely hierarchal team, hiring a small agency is also supporting professionals who can delve deeper into your business with the same skill set as a junior member of a big firm.

Helping Small Businesses

Smaller agencies have developed personalised approaches to helping brands grow. Client culture is of upmost importance to smaller agencies. Therefore, we should endeavour to support these smaller firms who care about your brands values and want to align with your work principles. Smaller agencies become a part of your current marketing team, without over bearing them.

Provide Creative Thinking

Many smaller agencies are built from professionals who have left larger firms in search for freedom of creativity and ways to implement innovative techniques into clients business. Therefore, there will be less division of labour, meaning a more unified approach and these firms are often happier places to work in as all minds will be on board. By attracting the best talent it is not only the smaller agency that benefits but you, the client.

Smaller agencies provide genuine work for talented and hardworking professionals in a work atmosphere that benefits both you and them.

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