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Why You Won’t Appear on Page 1 Immediately

Have you been hearing from people that they are finding it hard to find your brand online? 75% of people will never scroll past the first page on a Google search.

Top Tip: Start off by creating or claiming your listing on Google My Business. It’s a free service that puts you in control of the way the world’s largest search engine sees your business.

Here are ways you can increase your chances of being on the first page:

1) An Optimised Website

Your webpage should not take longer than 2 seconds to load. This could be because your pictures are too large in size. It’s important to optimise your website so that the images can still be included but will not contribute to visitors swapping sites when yours fails to load fast enough.

2) Your Website Content Needs Work

Unfortunately, you won’t reach page 1 immediately if you don't have a strong brand and great content. Search engines like Google want to rank sites that provide quality content that matches a searcher’s intent and satisfies their queries.

3) Using the Right Keywords

You can increase your chance of being on page 1 by using long-tail, specific phrases that contain three or more keywords. These are less competitive so given your industry will boost your visibility amongst a competitive market.

4) Keeping Your Website Up to Date

Updated content can help the search engines find you. Search engines favour websites that update their content regularly. Content containing relevant keywords helps search engines recognise your website in relation to your product or service. If not updated regularly, this would prevent people finding your website easily.

5) Generating New Content With the Desired Search Keywords

Posting regular updates not only improves your SEO ranking, it also shows your customers that you are growing. Publishing regular content to your site also gives you the opportunity to include more keywords, allowing people to find your site easily. Having a blog helps greatly in this aspect as you’ll have new content to add on your website regularly.

6) It Can Be a Time Game

Sometimes, even if you take the right steps, it might take a few weeks or months before search engines register the changes, and index your new content. So patience is a must in the world of SEO. Things don't happen overnight as much as we want them to!

SEO is a much-debated matter and always evolving. Still, if you pay enough attention to the tricks mentioned in the article, you will begin to record changes in your website visibility, visits, and engagements.

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